Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, I can't believe it!!! Little St. George had a snow day, today!!! For about 6 inches of snow!!! Yes, it's silly and doesn't make sense, but who cares?! We got school out!!! Well, of course I couldn't help but plan a snow ball fight with all my friends, unfortunately only 5 of us could get together, but hey, we had a blast anyways!! No worries, I did remember to take pictures of the snow, since it's such a rare occurrence, I just hope they work!!! I had a blast, and hope others did as well! But, Dad, being who he is of course, had us shovel all the walks and everything! But it wasn't too bad!Ü
Snow in St. George '08
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally writing!!!

Well, I was sitting here thinking "hm...I can either do my homework or post on the blog site..." obviously you all now know the outcome!!:) This one is going to be either way long or way short, so I hope I don't bore you all; anyways... Well, so much has happened!!! Jordanne made the basketball team (was there ever any doubt?) and has played one home game and in a tournament in Page, Arizona where they took third!! Way to go Jordy!!! But, unfortunately, she pulled a muscle during practice yesterday... it's rather sad!! Also, she is pulling good grades and continues to be a great HOSA (Health Occupational Students of America) president!! But, she's just a great person!! D.J. (as far as I know) is doing great and loving being married and in boy scouts in his ward(he never did grow up!) Rachel is a great person even if she does cheat(of course the rest of us do, too!Ü) Jeff has been keeping himself busy, juggling work, and raising two teenage daughters, all while trying to maintain a healthy social life. He does pretty well, he makes it to Jordy's basketball games and whatever I happen to be doing with the band! I was just in the orchestra pit for the musical my school put on, "Guys and Dolls" and during the weeks preceding the performance it seemed like I lived at the school, oh wait, I did!!!:) but, I wouldn't trade it for anything!! I learned a lot, made some great new friends and had loads of fun!!! Now, we've just finished the winter band concert, and we've had plenty of marching parades, and the Veteran's day concert. Plus, I still need to tell you all about the eventful Thanksgiving we had!! It was great!!! But better left saved for another time...Ü Sorry there aren't any pictures but I really need to go finish my homework, so I will write when I can(hopefully a lot sooner than last time, however!)

Monday, September 29, 2008


Jordanne made homecoming royalty!! Of course we all knew she would!! She outshined them all even if she didn't get crowned queen!!! She was beautiful in her teal dress with pale pink and light orange embroidery that complemented her hair so she really looked like a princess. She was by far the most beautiful there!! Pine View homecoming week was filled with a new adventure every night, starting on Monday with paint the town, where all the students took window paint and decorated all the businesses on Telegraph. Tuesday was the oh so wonderful powder-puff game! Unfortunately it was not rigged!! Seniors had to win by "technical difficulty", but the half time show was a must-see! The "Pink Panthers" looked great out there with the boys dressed in pink shirts and mini-skirts. On Wednesday was the first annual homecoming parade, with Jordanne riding the fire truck and Jillian marching with the band. Thursday was the pep rally and Friday, of course, the game! Jillian was decked out with a giant PV on her face and playing with the pep band, and Jordanne looked great during half time when they had royalty come down in their formals to be "crowned". Over all it was a great week!! Now if I could only get Jessica to send me some good pictures!!Ü 

Monday, September 15, 2008


Can you believe D.J. is already getting married?!?! He is marrying Rachel Bills on Friday....This Friday!!! Who'd have thought that it would be happening so quickly? Rachel is from Lander, Wyoming. Between traveling to Wyoming last weekend and stuffing envelopes the weekend before, it sure seems like D.J. is taking over our social lives. Then, on other days, Jeff decides to take us camping, or to the lake(now granted, I'm not complaining, but sometimes a relaxing weekend at home is good enough for me!Ü) Well, considering the wedding is on Friday, we hope to see all the family and friends come to the reception that night. It's at St. George Ford in the show room!! Plus, as always, there will be good food!!!!Ü

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Visit to Jessica's

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Wow!! Never a dull moment at the Schmutz house!! Between wedding plans and Jeff still dating, Jordanne and three of her friends got to drive up to Rexburg, Idaho in order to participate in EFY!!! They dropped Jillian off at Jessica's house, so she could spend the week with her. Jordanne and her friends are undoubtedly having a wonderful time. Jillian is managing her time well with Jessica. She stays up late talking to Jessica or reading. Jillian has actually been rather lazy this week! She slept in until at least 10:30 two or three of the days since she's been there. She spends her time watching movies, playing the Wii and reading! Jessica, Jillian, and Colby went hiking up at Brighton. It has been a wonderful vacation! How will Jillian adjust when she gets back? On Wednesday, Jessica took the young women's to a Bee's game and of course Jillian went with them!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Wow!!! Who knew we would be writing about another engagement so soon?!? We never would have guessed, but it's not Jeff this time, it's his amazing son D.J!!! D.J. got engaged to a young lady named Rachel Bills on Monday night! They will be married on September 19, in the St. George Temple!! We are very excited for them and hope you all will be able to attend! Sorry we don't have any pictures of her yet... They will come soon!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

EFY!!!!!-Jillian's Trip

Jillian just got back from Rexburg, Idaho! She was up there going to EFY with all of her friends while Jocee stayed with their Aunt Gwen! All in all I think they had a great time doing their own seperate things.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Well, over Memorial Weekend, Jessica and Colby had the opportunity to come down and visit the rest of the gang! Jeff was as excited as ever to get to go to Lake Mead on not just Saturday, but on Monday too. As vacation time drew nearer, however, weather reports got worse and worse. Everyone became disappointed, especially Jeff, as he announced that it would be too cold to go on Saturday, but if the weather held true, we could maybe sneak a trip on Monday. But, low and behold, the weather was not nice to us, and we didn't get to go to the lake. Instead we enjoyed a weekend of painting Jillian's new bedroom(she got to pick the colors, so compliment her on her excellent choice), hosting birthday parties for Jordanne, Amilya Fae, and Jocee(all at one time), and going hiking on one of grandpa McArthur's(oh it's not that hard) type of hike. Of course Jeff led it, but I don't think he realizes how much he is like his father-in-law!! During the hike, we all tried to get Kato to go down this 12 foot drop, like we all were doing. He followed after Jordanne and completely fell down the whole way, almost taking Jordanne with him! His trust in her was destroyed right in that single moment in time. He wouldn't go down any of the other smaller drops, so, we ended up dragging him down, or Jeff would pick him up and hand him off to Colby. Needless to say, after our "little" hike, Kato needed a bath, so Jillian ended out the day trying to bathe him!!! Unfortunately we could only get some after shots of that little experience!

Friday, May 2, 2008


On April 6, Jeff took Jillian, Jordanne, and the Wilcox's down to Toroweep to see the Grand Canyon. Talk about HUGE!!! They had an awesome time!! Jillian and Jordanne stole the camera and were enjoying themselves by leaping across the rocks and doing poses in the air. On the way home, they took the road going back through Colorado City and Hilldale. After making a wrong turn, they got pulled over by the cops, you would never see 6 people(the ones who weren't wearing them) put seatbelts on so fast! The cops made up a story about a fire on the Colorado Strip, which couldn't be true as there was no smoke from out there.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, on April 13, 08 Jeff took Jessica, Colby, Jordanne, and Jillian out shooting. Jillian and Jordanne had previously gotten 270's for Christmas and had not had the opportunity to shoot them. We went out and were shooting the .22's and decided to break out their hunting guns. Jordanne went first and got a small knock in the head from the scope hitting her forehead. Jillian went second and on her first shot managed to hit the jar of cherries she had aimed for, but she hadn't noticed: "Don't put that barrel in the ground!" Jeff yelled and Jillian lifted it a tiny bit higher while holding some fingers to her head. Laughingly, Jessica asks "Are you okay?" Crying, Jillian didn't answer but pulled her fingers away to look at them. Blood covered, she stood up and everyone jumped into action while laughing and joking. We found some old towels in the Excursion and drove home rather quickly. Jessica cleaned it up and now Jillian has a bandaid smack dab in the center of her forehead!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Picture Problems

Well, we would have the different pictures on here if we could! We can't find the cord that connects the camera to the computer, so I will have to search for it so we can get all the pictures on here! Thank you for your time and patience!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Wow! Jeff just got engaged to Nan Glauser on February 1! They don't have a date picked yet, but we will announce that later! They got engaged at Quail Creek Reservoir!

Wow!!!! Big changes with the engagement!!! It is cancelled!!! No more marriage!!! It is over!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

D.J.'s Trip to Mexico

D.J. recently had the opportunity to go to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico with his friend Charles Dixon and his parents. They left on Saturday, January 19 and got back late January 26. He said he had fun parasailing, and snorkling, among other activities. "It's really different from our family because we didn't eat out of an ice chest and ate out every night!" He couldn't believe all the neat sights down there. He even got to watch some bull fighting where the bull dies at the end, unless the bull wins! They had three miles of zip lines through the rain forests. There was also lots and lots of cerveza!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Jordanne is playing JV and Varsity for the Pine View High School basketball team. Even though the season is almost over, she has been having a really enjoyable time playing with her family coming to watch almost every game. She can't help but smile everytime Jeff yells "Atta-boy, girl!" We hope you all can get the opportunity to come to Jordy's few remaining games.


We are finally somewhat digital! Wow! This is amazing! Of course this is not Jeff(who is still in the stone age)! We have decided it would be good to keep the family updated using a blog since we don't send out newsletters or anything.