Friday, July 25, 2008

A Visit to Jessica's

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Wow!! Never a dull moment at the Schmutz house!! Between wedding plans and Jeff still dating, Jordanne and three of her friends got to drive up to Rexburg, Idaho in order to participate in EFY!!! They dropped Jillian off at Jessica's house, so she could spend the week with her. Jordanne and her friends are undoubtedly having a wonderful time. Jillian is managing her time well with Jessica. She stays up late talking to Jessica or reading. Jillian has actually been rather lazy this week! She slept in until at least 10:30 two or three of the days since she's been there. She spends her time watching movies, playing the Wii and reading! Jessica, Jillian, and Colby went hiking up at Brighton. It has been a wonderful vacation! How will Jillian adjust when she gets back? On Wednesday, Jessica took the young women's to a Bee's game and of course Jillian went with them!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Wow!!! Who knew we would be writing about another engagement so soon?!? We never would have guessed, but it's not Jeff this time, it's his amazing son D.J!!! D.J. got engaged to a young lady named Rachel Bills on Monday night! They will be married on September 19, in the St. George Temple!! We are very excited for them and hope you all will be able to attend! Sorry we don't have any pictures of her yet... They will come soon!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

EFY!!!!!-Jillian's Trip

Jillian just got back from Rexburg, Idaho! She was up there going to EFY with all of her friends while Jocee stayed with their Aunt Gwen! All in all I think they had a great time doing their own seperate things.