Sunday, January 27, 2008

D.J.'s Trip to Mexico

D.J. recently had the opportunity to go to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico with his friend Charles Dixon and his parents. They left on Saturday, January 19 and got back late January 26. He said he had fun parasailing, and snorkling, among other activities. "It's really different from our family because we didn't eat out of an ice chest and ate out every night!" He couldn't believe all the neat sights down there. He even got to watch some bull fighting where the bull dies at the end, unless the bull wins! They had three miles of zip lines through the rain forests. There was also lots and lots of cerveza!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Jordanne is playing JV and Varsity for the Pine View High School basketball team. Even though the season is almost over, she has been having a really enjoyable time playing with her family coming to watch almost every game. She can't help but smile everytime Jeff yells "Atta-boy, girl!" We hope you all can get the opportunity to come to Jordy's few remaining games.


We are finally somewhat digital! Wow! This is amazing! Of course this is not Jeff(who is still in the stone age)! We have decided it would be good to keep the family updated using a blog since we don't send out newsletters or anything.