Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, on April 13, 08 Jeff took Jessica, Colby, Jordanne, and Jillian out shooting. Jillian and Jordanne had previously gotten 270's for Christmas and had not had the opportunity to shoot them. We went out and were shooting the .22's and decided to break out their hunting guns. Jordanne went first and got a small knock in the head from the scope hitting her forehead. Jillian went second and on her first shot managed to hit the jar of cherries she had aimed for, but she hadn't noticed: "Don't put that barrel in the ground!" Jeff yelled and Jillian lifted it a tiny bit higher while holding some fingers to her head. Laughingly, Jessica asks "Are you okay?" Crying, Jillian didn't answer but pulled her fingers away to look at them. Blood covered, she stood up and everyone jumped into action while laughing and joking. We found some old towels in the Excursion and drove home rather quickly. Jessica cleaned it up and now Jillian has a bandaid smack dab in the center of her forehead!