Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally writing!!!

Well, I was sitting here thinking "hm...I can either do my homework or post on the blog site..." obviously you all now know the outcome!!:) This one is going to be either way long or way short, so I hope I don't bore you all; anyways... Well, so much has happened!!! Jordanne made the basketball team (was there ever any doubt?) and has played one home game and in a tournament in Page, Arizona where they took third!! Way to go Jordy!!! But, unfortunately, she pulled a muscle during practice yesterday... it's rather sad!! Also, she is pulling good grades and continues to be a great HOSA (Health Occupational Students of America) president!! But, she's just a great person!! D.J. (as far as I know) is doing great and loving being married and in boy scouts in his ward(he never did grow up!) Rachel is a great person even if she does cheat(of course the rest of us do, too!Ü) Jeff has been keeping himself busy, juggling work, and raising two teenage daughters, all while trying to maintain a healthy social life. He does pretty well, he makes it to Jordy's basketball games and whatever I happen to be doing with the band! I was just in the orchestra pit for the musical my school put on, "Guys and Dolls" and during the weeks preceding the performance it seemed like I lived at the school, oh wait, I did!!!:) but, I wouldn't trade it for anything!! I learned a lot, made some great new friends and had loads of fun!!! Now, we've just finished the winter band concert, and we've had plenty of marching parades, and the Veteran's day concert. Plus, I still need to tell you all about the eventful Thanksgiving we had!! It was great!!! But better left saved for another time...Ü Sorry there aren't any pictures but I really need to go finish my homework, so I will write when I can(hopefully a lot sooner than last time, however!)


easleyfamily said...

Glad for the update! We miss you guys!

Gull Family said...

thanks for the up dates and tell jordy to give me a schedule of her games