Monday, September 29, 2008


Jordanne made homecoming royalty!! Of course we all knew she would!! She outshined them all even if she didn't get crowned queen!!! She was beautiful in her teal dress with pale pink and light orange embroidery that complemented her hair so she really looked like a princess. She was by far the most beautiful there!! Pine View homecoming week was filled with a new adventure every night, starting on Monday with paint the town, where all the students took window paint and decorated all the businesses on Telegraph. Tuesday was the oh so wonderful powder-puff game! Unfortunately it was not rigged!! Seniors had to win by "technical difficulty", but the half time show was a must-see! The "Pink Panthers" looked great out there with the boys dressed in pink shirts and mini-skirts. On Wednesday was the first annual homecoming parade, with Jordanne riding the fire truck and Jillian marching with the band. Thursday was the pep rally and Friday, of course, the game! Jillian was decked out with a giant PV on her face and playing with the pep band, and Jordanne looked great during half time when they had royalty come down in their formals to be "crowned". Over all it was a great week!! Now if I could only get Jessica to send me some good pictures!!Ü 


Nathan and Amy said...

I need to see a picture of the dress. Mabey you could bring one to YW. Congratulations! You are both wonderful, beautiful girls.

Torey's Travels said...

Hi.Schmutz Family
This is Torey Blake and i miss you iots

Love . Torey Blake