Monday, June 8, 2009

Engagement! :)

As I'm sure you have all heard by now, Jeffrey is officially engaged to Tia Lamb. I know there are those of you that expected Jordanne to be the next one married, but it's not her turn yet! :) The Saturday he proposed, us kids spent the day getting everything ready for him. We spray painted a huge 30 ft. sign that simply said, "Tia, will you marry me?" and continued preparations by getting apple and white grape juice, a folding table, a rug, and paper cups loaded into the Excursion. Tia was coming back from her daughter's senior trip that day, so as the bus rounded to corner, you couldn't help but see the huge Excursion with the boat behind it, and a sign taped across them both! All the kids were there to watch as the shock showed on Tia's face... Now that we got that cleaned up, we have the wedding itself to plan! The date is set for July 18 of this year.

As I sit here, thinking about what this wedding will mean, I realize many things will change. But, this is quite simply a new beginning for two families joined as one. Yes, there will have to be adjustments on both sides, but I think this will be for the improvement of both families. I will personally have to make some changes, as I will not be the youngest child anymore, and that in and of itself will be strange! :) But, as I said before, it is for the benefit of both families!