Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, I can't believe it!!! Little St. George had a snow day, today!!! For about 6 inches of snow!!! Yes, it's silly and doesn't make sense, but who cares?! We got school out!!! Well, of course I couldn't help but plan a snow ball fight with all my friends, unfortunately only 5 of us could get together, but hey, we had a blast anyways!! No worries, I did remember to take pictures of the snow, since it's such a rare occurrence, I just hope they work!!! I had a blast, and hope others did as well! But, Dad, being who he is of course, had us shovel all the walks and everything! But it wasn't too bad!Ü
Snow in St. George '08
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Kelsie said...

You guys are so lucky! I swear we've gotten like a foot of now here. But of course having snowplows here in Kanab we can't have a snowday....I hope you enjoyed it! haha and the snowball fight soundslike fun! me and a couple girls went out to take pictures in it haha

Girl Scout fest at the library :D said...

I wish I could have a snow day. Since kindergarten we've NEVER had a snow day!
Sounds like you had a fun day though!

Jocee said...

Okay, give me your password and I will get in and update your blog. And change the background!

Kelsie said...

Just thought I would tell you that I went private with by blog so if you want to be able to read it email me at and I will add you.