Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Well, over Memorial Weekend, Jessica and Colby had the opportunity to come down and visit the rest of the gang! Jeff was as excited as ever to get to go to Lake Mead on not just Saturday, but on Monday too. As vacation time drew nearer, however, weather reports got worse and worse. Everyone became disappointed, especially Jeff, as he announced that it would be too cold to go on Saturday, but if the weather held true, we could maybe sneak a trip on Monday. But, low and behold, the weather was not nice to us, and we didn't get to go to the lake. Instead we enjoyed a weekend of painting Jillian's new bedroom(she got to pick the colors, so compliment her on her excellent choice), hosting birthday parties for Jordanne, Amilya Fae, and Jocee(all at one time), and going hiking on one of grandpa McArthur's(oh it's not that hard) type of hike. Of course Jeff led it, but I don't think he realizes how much he is like his father-in-law!! During the hike, we all tried to get Kato to go down this 12 foot drop, like we all were doing. He followed after Jordanne and completely fell down the whole way, almost taking Jordanne with him! His trust in her was destroyed right in that single moment in time. He wouldn't go down any of the other smaller drops, so, we ended up dragging him down, or Jeff would pick him up and hand him off to Colby. Needless to say, after our "little" hike, Kato needed a bath, so Jillian ended out the day trying to bathe him!!! Unfortunately we could only get some after shots of that little experience!

Friday, May 2, 2008


On April 6, Jeff took Jillian, Jordanne, and the Wilcox's down to Toroweep to see the Grand Canyon. Talk about HUGE!!! They had an awesome time!! Jillian and Jordanne stole the camera and were enjoying themselves by leaping across the rocks and doing poses in the air. On the way home, they took the road going back through Colorado City and Hilldale. After making a wrong turn, they got pulled over by the cops, you would never see 6 people(the ones who weren't wearing them) put seatbelts on so fast! The cops made up a story about a fire on the Colorado Strip, which couldn't be true as there was no smoke from out there.